Pic of the day 1

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Music is my Life 1

Music is in me, I feel its something I have to say. Most answers need questions towards my life and why I love music. It’s a good time to express myself and say what I have always been wanting to say for a long, long time…

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Why Music is apart of my life?

Music is apart of my life because it is something I want to do for a living, I want to blow up in the industry because I feel I have so much talent that shouldn’t ever go to waste!!!

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Musical Influence

I love this woman more than words can explain, all my life I have been in love with Janet Jackson because she is so beautiful and talented, and I love her music. When I was little like say 5 years old I felt so in love with this woman and still to this day at 19, I can’t get enough of Miss Jackson – I love her so much !!! SHE IS FOREVER MY SWEETHEART



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Hello world!

Welcome to my blogsite of music, and celebrity talk, I am glad you joined an insight on what my life is all about, and how I want to live out my dreams trying to become an entertainer, I have come so far as a child, and now I’m all grown up now…!!!

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